Due to the rain today, the Soo Line Cruisers Car Club will be postponing their Care Home Cruise this afternoon, with a new tentative date of June 9th. 

The original article is as follows:

Organizing member Jarrod Stroeder they've made a map and they encourage everyone to come out to check it out.

"We've made the staff aware at all the care homes that we're going to be doing this cruise," he shared. "So hopefully they let the families know and let everyone know to come out and grab your loved ones or your kids or your grandparents or whoever, and come on out to any of the care homes or anywhere on our route."

He said he'd love to see people waving as they drive around showing off their cars.

"We're just really excited for what the future brings for these cruises. Eventually, we want to have the whole town stop for us, but we will take it day by day."

Stroeder said the event is NOT rain or shine.

"Weather pending. If the weather is dry, we'll be out for a drive, but we're just really looking forward to this year's Care Home Cruise and we encourage everyone to come on out," he invited. 

"If you don't know anyone in the care homes, that's okay, just come out anyways and check out our map and anywhere on the map, if you see us, give us a wave, give us a thumbs up, let us know. That you're enthusiastic about this event and if you keep liking it, we will keep doing it. That's the main thing." 

Stroeder said they started doing the Care Home Cruise near the end of COVID, for which they received a lot of positive feedback and appreciation from residents, staff members, and the community.

"So we just decided to make it an annual thing or a semi-annual thing and we try to get out once or twice a year and we just find this really fulfilling to get out and drive around and show the people our cars, and it's just really rewarding to see the smiles on everyone's faces as we drive by." 

He added, "I know it's going to be great and we're only growing, we're getting bigger and bigger and we hope to have more of the public involved with the cruise." 

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