What would you do with $100,000? 

That's what is on the line with Crack the Vault presented by Barber Motors!

Listen weekdays mornings at roughly 10:20 and afternoons at 3:20 for your daily codeword. When you hear it, head to DiscoverWeyburn.com and enter it for your shot to Crack the Vault! 

We'll call qualifiers weekday mornings to give them their chance to Crack the Vault and walk away $100,000 richer! 

Big 106 listeners have an extra chance to win by texting the daily codeword to the Pharmasave Weyburn Talk and Text line at 306-848-1067. 

We didn't call you this morning? Listen for the next codeword and enter again! 

When we do call you, pick four numbers to try and open the vault and possibly walk away with $100,000!

Think about that for a minute. $100,000. What can you get with that? Just shy of 100,000 bags of chips. That's just shy of 8,000 cheeseburgers. A few new cars (or one REALLY nice one). Anything you can dream of!! 

So listen in, get entered and get ready to Crack the Vault with Barber Motors!

Special thanks to Barber Motors, Quality Plumbing and Heating, New Age Electronics and Home Furnishings and Weimer's Hometown.