Weyburn's homeschoolers are not only  busy working on their regular studies, but they're also preparing their products for the Wild & Free Handmade Market, coming up on October 25th at Knox Hall. Read more HERE.

According to homeschooling mom Megan Schick, their group plans several events each month including plans to learn pickleball next month and art classes at CollabARTive Studios.

“It all depends on which family or or mom or dad is going to host an event and we always get together at the library every month at the end of every month,” she shared. “We're very social group and the kids love getting together, and it's across age groups, so it's really kind of cool to watch the mentorship developed between the different age groups in our group. It's a beautiful thing.”

“We set up our own events. We have some field trips coming up in the next few months. We travel around the province to take advantage of different industry sector events such as the greenhouse tours and Estevan and the greenhouse tours in Regina, and army tours and museum tours across the province,” she said.

“We do a lot of prepping our own events, sending out information, getting people, collecting RSVPs, and then getting together as much as we can across the year and we all always look forward to those events, coming out together, and and visiting and sharing what we've been learning and then learning new things together as well.”

As Schick pointed out, this organization has a heavy reliance on parents who are willing to step up and host some events or work together to host events.

“It's a very supportive and encouraging community, and in order to host an event, you need people to attend your event. So there's never been an event that has flopped, where no one's come,” she stated. “We have a very good attendance rate for all of our events too, and people really appreciate it when someone puts in the hard work to create an opportunity for their children to learn in a different way, in a different environment, to get out of the house a little bit too, is important, and we all value any opportunity we can do that.” 

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