In recent months, Envision Counselling and Support Centre's Communications Specialist Raven Daer has been sharing some words of wisdom for relationships and families with our readers and listeners.

Those struggling with parenting challenges can find gentle parenting tips from Daer HERE or click below on the related article link.

For those who need more than her sagely tips, Daer said Envision also has some programs to help families, including the Family Support Program.

"This is a program that would be more fitting if you are experiencing some family dynamics within the home, some extreme changes, maybe struggling just to get those routines and communication lines open and navigating healthily," she explained. "Our Family Support Program is absolutely wonderful. We have workers that will come out into the home and work with you and your family at goals that you set together. I think that it's definitely a great option for folks that feel like they are maybe just struggling alone and want to do better for their family." 

"We have another program, Diversion, which is a self-referral program. You can call into our office speak with an intake counsellor and she will guide you through all of the characteristics and the things that program has to offer."

She said they do get referrals from the Ministry of Social Services and through their Family Intervention program.

"That is one of our counselling programs, rather than our support program, that's a little bit of a difference. This is the program for families who are potentially going through a separation, a really traumatic event in the lives, you know, a death of a loved one, an extreme life change. Perhaps you've moved. Those sorts of things."

For those who do want to take some time to research better strategies for coping with their own family dynamics, Daer noted Envision has many resources available on their website.

"If you dive into all of the tabs on our website, you will find a lot of gold in there," she shared. "We have tips for anything from elder abuse to sexual harassment, cyber-bullying, information for victims, and survivors of sexual abuse, as well as just families, couples, adults, individuals. You name it, we've got it on there."

"We really just want folks in our community to recognize that we're here for them and there are resources available. So you do not ever need to feel like you are navigating difficult situations on your own."

Find Envision's website HERE.