The Weyburn Arts Council (WAC) honours Gloria Onstad's legacy by fostering community involvement through the organization of a mural competition. 

“Gloria Onstad, who was a long-time member of the Weyburn Arts Council, passed away last year, and she was kind enough to remember us upon her passing. In lieu of flowers, she asked for money to be sent to the Arts Council. Gloria had been on our Council for years, but she had also always been a big proponent of ball in our community, so we thought a great way to use the funds that Gloria so kindly got us was a mural design contest where we could award the winners the money that we received from Gloria’s passing,” explained City Representative for WAC, Regan Lanning. 

Three winners will be chosen and the creators of the winning designs will see their unique artwork adorning one of the baseball dugouts in Jubilee Park, along with each receiving a $250 reward. Lanning outlines the criteria for submitting an original piece.

“The artist needs to be from Weyburn or area. This means you could have lived in Weyburn and you're in Calgary for school or something, you can still enter. And then the mural designs have to be a certain ratio, 2 up by 8 long because the actual dugouts themselves are 6 feet tall and 24 feet long.” 

Lanning also explained WAC will be posting all the designs online and local residents

The register deadline is April 30th, the designs can be dropped off at the Credit Union Spark Centre or emailed to To keep up to date with the Weyburn Arts Council you can follow its Facebook page.

WAC Poster