This is it! The final day of Grain Rush driven by Great Plains Ford!  

Today we delivered some delicious KFC to Matthew Hunter and his crew in Corning. Matthew entered more times than anyone else this year and it seemed only right for him to be the big winner on our final day. 

He noted that harvest seems to be going well for him and his team, who grow peas, durum, and canola. 

“It’s going, we’re about halfway there,” he said. “Rain has kind of stopped us a few times but that’s normal. Would have taken some of this in July.” 

A huge thank you goes out to all of our sponsors who have helped out with this promotion, especially Great Plains Ford who helped us out with a truck for deliveries, and KFC who provided these huge and fantastic meals every single day. 

With that, another year of Grain Rush comes to a close. Harvest continues, however, and we wish the farmers the best of luck this harvest season. 

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