The Vilcu's Karate Klub of Weyburn tomorrow will host the 39th annual Vilcu's International Martial Arts Championships in the Eagles gym at Weyburn Comprehensive School.

Head Instructor for Weyburn and Estevan, Isaac Vilcu, said while spectators can enjoy watching the display of discipline and skills, what is learned in martial arts carries on throughout the rest of one's life.

"It's how you conduct yourself, how you conduct yourself towards other people, holding yourself accountable for your own actions and just overall being a good person and treating everybody with respect," he shared. 

"The funny thing is you learn how to to fight and defend yourself in Karate, but the more you learn, the less you want to fight, because you don't have anything to prove. You're there just to show what you've learned"

While the sport is touch contact, nobody goes home with black eyes.

"As you get older, you get a little sore after [a tournament], because you know you're moving so much," he explained. "We don't do a continuous form of fighting in our tournaments. It's who's quicker. You can both score a point, but it's who got it first. And that's who gets awarded the point."

"So it's a matter of speed, timing, technique, a lot of focus and just demonstrating what you've learned through your years, and a matter of outsmarting your opponent on moves you're going to use, and how to get them to open up and how to get them to fight your fight."

Robyn Vilcu chimed in, "Isaac's strategy is just charging them in the ring."

She said Karate is not just a sport, but it's a lifestyle.

"People are in it, most of the time, for their whole life, and even if you're not in it for your whole life, just learning the disciplines can last you your whole life." 

They said most of their students don't actually compete, as the travel and time are costly. "Our club covers the registration fees, but still you've got to cover your food. It gets pricey."

Nonetheless, Isaac added they are expecting more than 200 competitors in tomorrow's big event. Read more HERE or below in the related article link to find out more details.