The Weyburn Arts Council held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday evening, and City Representative Regan Lanning said they had a great turnout, with a full executive including new members.

"It was a really nice recap of what went on in the gallery as well as what went on with WAC and partner programs between the gallery and the Weyburn Arts Council, as there's usually quite a few of those."

She said almost all of their directors and members were in attendance for the AGM, as well as a couple of new people.

"Tasha Hill is staying on as Co-chair and Stephanie Lang is joining her. This will enable Stephanie to kind of learn the ropes."

She said their new directors, Charlotte Jones and Tara Keating-Jaap, will service as Co-vice chairs.

"We are pretty full in terms of executive and directors, but we do have that third option for our membership and members," Lanning noted. "They get our minutes and our agendas so they always stay in the loop regarding what Weyburn Arts Council is up to, but they are not required to come to every single meeting. We just ask that they help us with events throughout the year and events like Gifted require a lot of hands the day of."

The next meeting for WAC will be held April 17th at 7:00 p.m. at the Credit Union Spark Centre, which will be another opportunity for new members-at-large of all walks of life to get involved.

"I've been involved with the Arts Council now for more than 13 years in various ways, and it has never. Never stopped being the most welcoming group of people ever," she shared. "It is diverse, we have newcomers, we have settler-based Canadians, we have people of from different ethnic backgrounds, different cultural backgrounds, different neurotypes, different gender identities, different sexualities, like it is such a diverse group of people and we work together so wonderfully."

Lanning said the more diverse their group is, the better, because, "That's how you get stronger as a group."

"We are always looking for for new people who would like to be involved in doing fun and important art-related work in Weyburn," Lanning invited. "I would get their e-mail address so I can add them to our group and I would send them our Welcome to WAC package, which is a comprehensive kind of package of paperwork that goes over meeting norms, events we do, and acronyms we use, just so that you don't spend the first six months of your time feeling like you're playing catch up."