Easy fundraising options underway for Weyburn Humane Society

There are some options available for those who may be eager to provide some ongoing support to the Weyburn Humane Society as they continue securing the funding for their future new shelter building at 1810 East Avenue.

Board President Randy Bakaluk said they are still working toward having their new 'Brick by Brick' fundraising campaign forms added to their website, but that doesn't have to stop anyone from setting up something helpful.

"We have our three parts of our program that everyone can help us, and you can get the forms at the shelter or you can call me at 306-861-8332 and I can fill them in," he said. "We're in the process of getting the [forms] on there, but we've had a couple of glitches. We want to set it up so that you can go to our website and fill out the form right on our website, and we're hoping to have that done soon."

He said the Brick by Brick campaign will put the donors' names on the wall with a $100 donation. They also have other levels of sponsorship available.

"The third stage, we're calling it the pet program, which is basically you can do a monthly donation, and that money would go towards our daily operations once in the new building, which is something very important because it gives us a solid base so we can work out budgets and other things like that," shared Bakaluk.

"There is no minimum. We realize times aren't going great for everyone and it's whatever you can afford. A very small amount, when you put it with some other small amounts, it gives you a big amount."

He added the forms can be obtained by calling the shelter at 306-848-7387 or by contacting him directly at 306-861-8332. Email is the other option, by sending to randybakaluk@hotmail.com.

"We have the forms for them to fill out and we go from there," he said. "We'll get in touch with you and we can help you out."

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