Yesterday at the annual Saskatchewan Wildlife Federations convention being held here in Weyburn, Environment Minister Dustin Duncan introduced the Government of Saskatchewan's new Aquatic Invasive Species Strategy. The new plan is designed to help the province prevent, address and manage aquatic invasive species.

The ministry and the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation are partners on the province's Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force, which aims to focus on additional education and monitoring activities alongside government agencies, conservation groups, and other non-government agencies. 

The plan emphasizes the need for collaboration and coordination between these different groups to help prevent the introduction and spread of high-risk invasive species such as the Zebra or Quagga mussels that threaten lakes and rivers in western Canada.

Duncan adds that no invasive mussels have been detected in Saskatchewan waters yet. However, diligence is required to help us remain free from the threat of invasive species.

Saskatchewan also partners with the Canada Border Services Agency and other provincial and territorial governments to co-ordinate prevention efforts across Western Canada.

You can find the full plan here.