While the YF Wives of Weyburn Women of Distinction Gala is still over a month away, the deadline to nominate someone for a Women of Distinction award is right around the corner. 

“The nomination packages are out there right now,” said Co-Chair for the Gala Dallen Hodgkin. “You can find them at the Weyburn Review or the Weyburn Credit Union or you can go to our Facebook Page, Weyburn YF Wives Club, and there is a link to download them there.” 

She noted that nomination packages were originally due back on Sunday, March 31st, but that deadline has been extended to end of day April 1st. 

“Please get out there and nominate,” she said. “There are so many women in our community that deserve that recognition and appreciation and to know that we see them and we want to celebrate them.” 

There are four categories for this year’s Gala event, the Weyburn Credit Union Workplace Excellence Award, YF Wives Community Service Award, Access Communications Entrepreneur Award, and Oil Women’s Young Woman of Distinction Award. Once packages are filled out they can be sent back to any YF Wives member or emailed in.  

Once the nominations have come in, more details about the gala event itself, which is planned for May 3rd at McKenna Hall, will be released.  

“Watch for ticket sales,” noted Hodgkin. “Make sure to get on that. We sold out incredibly fast last year so just make sure you are on top of that.” 

She added that tickets for the gala are expected to go on sale on April 8th.