There will be lots of opportunities to support a worthy cause all while checking off that Christmas list. Eileen McEwen, organizer of the Francis Craft and Trade Show shares how the dedicated volunteers of the Vibank/Francis Days for Girls Team are helping those in need. 

“It's an international organization, a bunch of sewers get together and we make reusable, washable, feminine hygiene kits to send to third world countries to those women and girls that do not have access to menstrual supplies.” 

Days for Girls washable reusable menstrual kit (photo courtesy of Eileen McEwen)Days for Girls washable reusable menstrual kit (photo courtesy of Eileen McEwen)


McEwen explained that over the past 15 years the international organization, Days for Girls has sent over three million kits to 145 countries. With boots-on-the-ground experience, McEwan shares some of her personal journey with the organization. 

“I have personally been on a distribution in Peru a year ago last November, and it was a phenomenal trip. It was so inspiring to meet these girls, high school girls, and junior high girls. We were up in the Highlands in Peru, up in the high plateau, and went to a couple of schools there. Met Some of the parents. It was just a phenomenal experience.” 

The event will kick off on Sunday, November 25, doors will open at 10 a.m. and will run until 4 p.m., a silver collection will be taken at the door. With approximately 30 vendors there will be lots to choose from.

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