Canadian Pacific Kansas City recently released its fourth-quarter report showing Canadian grain volumes are down 15 percent on a year-over-year basis. driven by the weak harvest.

The Assistant Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bulk, Elizabeth Hucker, says their Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer John Brooks noted that a key factor in the drop is the weak harvest in 2023-2024.

She notes that was especially true for the CPKC draw area in Southern Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan.

Hucker says they are monitoring the situation for the new crop year and are encouraged by the fact they continue to see their customers investing in growth and the CPKC 8500 foot train model.

"By the end of 2024 this year, 60 per cent of our franchise in Canada will be 8500 foot capable. This includes the most recent investments by Richardson International and their own elevator network. The 8500-foot model delivers significant efficiencies for both CPC, but also our customers. "

She adds that when combined with CPKC's most recent hopper car investment, they can move over 40 per cent more grain per train, by leveraging the value of that car acquisition as well as the longer train.

Focusing on CPKC's grain movement stats for January .. grain movement seems to be picking up.

According to Hucker grain week 27, was one of their largest volume weeks in 2024 with CPKC moving over 500,000 metric tons of grain and grain products.  to eastern Canada, the United States, and the Port of Vancouver.

Earlier this month, CPKC announced its membership in the RailPulse Coalition.

According to the CPKC press release RailPulse is working to develop, broaden, and accelerate the use of GPS and other telematics technologies on railcars that increase safety, efficiency, and visibility across North America’s freight rail industry. 

John Brooks says they are pleased to be a part of RailPulse and to contribute to accelerating the adoption of railcar telemetry in North America.

"This collaboration aligns with our commitment to innovation and will play an important role in modernizing our customer experience and provide benefits to the entire supply chain by advancing safety and improving operations."

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with Elizabeth Hucker click on the link below.