The Weyburn Red Wings and Humboldt Broncos faced off at Crescent Point Place on Tuesday night, resulting in a fiery match and a tough 6-8 loss for the home team. Although fans may argue whether Blaricom's or Ruthven's injuries deserved a call from the Refs, or whether the resulting scrum was worthwhile for the opposing teams, all in attendance will surely agree that the pre-game spotlights featuring a generous donation to The Family Place were worth the price of admission. 

The Red Wings recently conducted a jersey auction fundraiser, accepting bids for specially designed jerseys in collaboration with The Family Place. The jerseys featured the classic white and red color scheme along with an iconic collage of rainbow handprints reminiscent of those previously found on the walls of the long-time home of The Family Place on 4th st..

Mryglod Steel and Metals Inc. generously sponsored the creation of these unique, limited-edition jerseys in anticipation of the support that Weyburn would rain down on the locally favored non-profit organization. Mryglod's participation along with the organization and promotion of the auction by the Red Wings meant that The Family Place would receive a whopping donation of $14,235.78.

The presentation was made to Executive Director Dawn Gutzke of the Family Place, with representatives from the team joining her in the spotlight and fans in attendance cheering their approval. With one large donation successfully landing in the hands of the deserving organization, The Family Place now turns its attention toward their annual Festival of Trees set to begin tomorrow. Although it is inspiring to see non-profit organizations supporting one another in such a large capacity, one key group was crucial in the success of this fundraiser: The Fans. Without bidders it would have all been for naught, and the overwhelming support of the community in Weyburn made it an unforgettable success. 

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