The WCBL season opens up in one month, when the Weyburn Beavers host the Regina Red Sox at Tom Laing Park on May 25th. Ahead of the start of the season, the team made the announcement today that they are doing what they can to ensure the games are affordable throughout the season, and they are doing that with some help from a prominent Weyburn organization. 

“Affordability being on top of mind for lots of people, we went into a partnership with the Weyburn Young Fellows Club, and this year, with the help of their sponsorship, we have reduced the kids’ prices,” explained Garnet Hansen, president of the club. “So everybody from 18 to 13 will now pay only $2, and everybody 12 and under will get in free.” 

Hansen pointed out that with the kids looking up to the players, and the relationships that form through the school program and youth ball, it can help to foster a strong atmosphere around the ballpark for the coming season, with more and more kids having the opportunity to come with their parents, and the cost of admission now being greatly reduced.  

In addition to the announcement about the tickets, Hansen added they are currently looking for billet families for the upcoming season. Those who are interested in hosting a player can contact the team for further information. 

The need for families is coming rather quickly, with the players expected to start arriving in Weyburn as soon as May 18th.