The Weyburn Agricultural Society has announced the entertainment lineup for the 114th annual Weyburn Fair Days, being held July 6th, 7th, and 8th.

A movie night at the exhibition grounds will kick off the week kicks on Canada Day prior to the City's fireworks display, followed by the 4-H Show and Sale being held July 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

President TJ Metheral said the Canuck Amusements midway days have been shortened to three days from four. 

"We were actually Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we were four days, but we've taken a day off to help out volunteers. We're too hard on our volunteers and we're just narrowing it down one day just to help out that situation with getting volunteers," he explained. 

The Souris River Rodeo will run on the Thursday and the Friday, "just to hopefully help out our people to come at night after work and enjoy the show."

This year's Fair Days will also include a modified 'Rumble in the Ring' smash-up derby but with a focus on the ever-available mini-vans: the Minivan Mash.

"Get them ready to race and we get out there, smash and crash. Lots of fun trying to demolish the other guy, the last one moving wins."

Metheral cited dwindling car numbers as the reason for not continuing with the full demolition derby this year. Plus, the minivan mash was a big hit last year. 

"Everybody sure enjoyed them and had lots of comments on them on how much fun they were, so that's why we decided to go that route," he added. "We'll probably wreck a few other things. We've got a couple of things in mind. We might smash up a camper or two or something like that." 

They'll also be holding quad pulls.

"Something a little different. We'll have a little skid there that they can pull and see how far they can pull it," he said. "Everybody seems to have a quad with big tires and souped-up or whatever, so we'll have a couple of different classes so we can get people entered for that."

Special entertainment will also include Hypnotist Corrie J, and Magic Ben.

"We want to keep bringing in different things," noted Metheral. "People give us suggestions all year long. So we've had a few saying why don't we bring back a hypnotist again, so we looked into that and we got hooked up with these guys."

"This Magic Ben was on Canada's Got Talent, so we're really happy to get him. They'll each be putting on a couple of different shows Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th." 

The Karaoke stage will also return, and this year the Weyburn Beavers will be playing some home games during the Fair Days.

Additional volunteers are always needed at events like this. They need front gate ticket takers, cleanup, setup, and more. 

"We're looking for volunteers to run our knocker balls. That's the big balls you get inside and run around in, we're looking for volunteers to help us with that. Looking for volunteers to help with the kids' tractor pull, and all kinds of things that may tweak somebody's interest."
Anyone who wants to sign up for an event as a participant or as a volunteer can contact the Weyburn Ag Society office at 306-842-4052 or they can contact TJ Metheral directly at 306-861-6834. 

"The community always supports us very well, so we want to thank them in advance for all of the support and looking forward to moving on here and getting this show going."

Find the Weyburn Ag Society online HERE.

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