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Heritage Village Days & Movie in the Park August 8, click here for details
  • Vengeful Litterbug Fined

    A vengeful litterbug received a slap on the wrist this week in Weyburn Court.A woman pleaded guilty to a littering charge, admitting to throwing 13 pine cones on a neighbours driveway after repeatedly having the same thing done to her, she claimed. She addmitted the act of venegence was wrong on her part and she regretted her actions. Whe...

  • Waiting For The Million Dollar Winner

    Checking your old lottery tickets could make you $1 Million richer.A Lotto Max ticket worth $1 million from December 20th, 2013 still has not been claimed. The ticket was iss ...

  • Proposed Bylaw Rescinded After City Received Public Complaints

    A new condo building won't be going up on the corner of Second Street and Prairie Avenue anytime soon.After receiving a petition and numerous letters of complaint about the pr ...

  • Secondary Suites Approved for Riverwood

    Secondary suites, also known as basement suites, could be on the rise in Weyburn.The in-fill form of entry-level housing has seen virtually no growth in Weyburn during the hou ...

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