Fall Residential Street Sweeping

Starting Wed., Oct. 29 in Area 3. Please remove vehicles parked on the street.
  • pumping gas

    Gasoline Prices Continue to Drop

    Everywhere people drive, they are seeing the price of gas come down. From an average of $1.25 a litre only a few weeks ago, prices in Saskatchewan are now hovering around the $1.13 a litre mark, including here in Weyburn.The drop in oil prices during the month of October is one reason. The other is many refineries that were taken offline ...

  • Remembrance Day Poppies Available Soon

    They're a symbol Canadians know as well known as the maple leaf. Remembrance Day poppies are back beginning this Saturday (Nov. 1).The Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corp. 2302, of ...

  • Psychic Comments On Weyburn's Haunted Places

    With Weyburn's rich history, a psychic medium believes it is one of the most haunted places in the Province."Weyburn is one of the most haunted locations I've been to," said R ...

  • Weyburn Pharmasave Wins Award for the Second Year in a Row

    A local business has been named the best in the region for the second year in a row.Pharmasave Weyburn has received the Pharmasave Central Store of the Year Award, competing a ...

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