It is an occurrence that the Weyburn Police Service says happens more often than they would like to see in the community: an arrest for possession of crystal meth.

Last Wednesday, a man was arrested by a member of the Weyburn Police CTSS unit after a routine traffic stop. The driver is facing a charge of possession of crystal methamphetamine, along with breach of a conditional sentence. The breach not only relates to the drug charge but also for being in possession of weapons at the time of the arrest.

He has been remanded into custody until he can appear in court.

“It, unfortunately, is becoming more and more common,” explained Deputy Police Chief Rod Stafford when asked if it was uncommon for police to come across crystal meth in Weyburn. “We always believed we had it here, although we weren’t seeing the same kind of tell-tale results that the larger centres in Regina and Saskatoon are seeing.”

The increased occurrence of the drug is also being attributed by police to an increase in violent crime and driving offences, such as pursuits, over the past five to six months.


Full report from the Weyburn Police Service for February 4 to 11:

February 4

  • The Weyburn PS received a report of a youth who was talking about self-harm.  The youth was located and both a school counsellor and family member attended to assist.

February 6

  • A Member of the Weyburn Police – CTSS Unit conducted a traffic stop on an individual.  The male driver was subsequently taken into custody and is now facing a charge of possession of Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth).  The accused was also serving a Conditional Sentence (jail sentence in the community) and was found to be in Breach of that as well by both committing the drug offence as well as being in possession of weapons.  He was taken into custody without incident and has been remanded for Court.

February 7

  • The Weyburn PS responded to a report of a domestic disturbance.  Upon arrival and learning of the situation, the matter was able to be mediated without the need for further police involvement.
  • The Weyburn PS are investigating a report of damage to a vehicle rear window.  The vehicle was parked in the 300 Block of 7th Street when the damage was noticed.  Anyone having information about this incident is asked to contact either the Weyburn Police or to call Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

February 8

  • The Weyburn PS are seeking the public’s assistance in investigating damage to the TD Bank Building.  From the information available it appears that perhaps a vehicle backed into the building causing a minor amount of damage.  The incident occurred at about 5:55 pm.  Anyone having information about this incident is asked to contact either the Weyburn Police or to call Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

February 9

  • The Weyburn PS received a report of a Facebook Scam where someone has assumed the identity of a person on the ‘Friend’ list and was attempting to get information. 
  • The Weyburn PS were called to a report of a vehicle being involved in a collision where multiple vehicles had been struck and then the offending vehicle had left the scene.  The Suspect vehicle was quickly located and the driver was taken by ambulance to the hospital believing that the driver had suffered a medical incident at the time of the collisions.

February 10

  • The Weyburn PS received a report of a teen who had messaged about wishing to harm himself.  Police attended the residence and spoke with the teen and the adult who was present.  No further action was required by police at this time.
  • The Weyburn PS received a call (unrelated to the above) about a teen who had communicated via social media about self-harm.  Upon arrival, the police found the teen in the process of attempting self-harm.  The teen was transported to the hospital for further assessment and observation.
  • The Weyburn PS received a call reporting a person in distress had taken an overdose of medication.  Once the address of the incident was determined the police attended and EMS transported the person to the hospital for further observation.

February 11

  • The Weyburn PS received a report of a Disturbance in the Moffat Drive area of the city.  Upon attending it was found to be related to a domestic dispute.  The matter was mediated by the police without need for more formal involvement.

With the snow packed streets and the extreme cold temperatures, we find that the intersections especially are very slippery. This is just a reminder that regardless of the posted speed limit you are only legally able to drive at a speed the fits with the road conditions. That may mean at times driving 20-30 km/h below the posted speed so that you are able to stop and control the vehicle at all times.

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