The Weyburn Police Service responded to a serious call Friday evening.  

Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype explained they were called early Friday evening to assist EMS after a person was found unconscious in their apartment with significant injuries.  

“At this time, the investigation is ongoing,” VanDeSype told Discover Weyburn. “We certainly hope it doesn’t turn out to be foul play, but we have to cover all bases, and we’re doing a complete investigation until it’s determined otherwise.” 

VanDeSype explained the person was treated at the scene, and then taken to hospital in Weyburn. From there, they were transported by STARS Air Ambulance to Regina for further treatment.  

“The last indication I had, or the last update I had, was that the person was regaining consciousness but still a little groggy, so unable to give us some details,” explained VanDeSype.  

The deputy chief added that they are covering all of the bases with a full investigation, hoping it turns out to be a non-criminal incident.

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