Anyone interested in making a difference in their community has an opportunity to join the City of Weyburn’s Environmental Resource Committee. 

The Committee helps keep Weyburn an eco-friendly community.  

Jennifer Wilkinson, Director of Engineering for the City of Weyburn says there are multiple openings on the Committee.  

“We're just looking for people that are passionate about environmental initiatives.” 

Wilkinson says they're looking for people who can bring new and fresh ideas to the Committee. 

“Some of things that we have looked at in the past is continued and ongoing recycling education, waste reduction, water conservation and we're looking and the cleanup committee is another one.” 

Members of the Committee meet once a month for around an hour. 

“And what we do is, you know, kind of brainstorm different activities that we could do to get the community involved, environmental initiatives that we want to bring to Council that we believe are a concern of the residents, also just different things that are going on in neighboring communities that have been successful.”   

Applications are open to anyone interested in environmental initiatives. Application forms can be found on the City of Weyburn Website.