On Monday, it was announced that Souris-Moose Mountain MP Dr. Robert Kitchen would not be running in the next federal election, expected to be called next year. 

Kitchen explained he had said he was going to be running again when he was asked eight or nine months ago, but that was in the hopes there would be a federal election sooner than 2025.  

“At this present time, as much as I want that to happen tomorrow, I don't see that happening with the coalition that this government, the present Liberals, have set up, and so it could be well close to two years before that election actually comes about,” Kitchen said. “So, in order to make things so it’s done smoothly, and I think I felt that that was one of the reasons I would want to speak up and say no, it’s time to move on.” 

While Kitchen will not be the candidate for the Conservative Party in the next election, it doesn’t mean that his work as a Member of Parliament is over. He reiterated he will still be the MP for Souris-Moose Mountain until the next election is called, and that his staff will continue to do the work they do for their constituents.  

Some of the high points for Kitchen in his time as MP have been the fact he was elected three times.  

“To be able to turn around and have, in the last election, the highest percentage of vote in all of Canada is a tremendous honour because it helps me to turn around when I’m in Ottawa to say, when I’m speaking I know I’m speaking for such a vast majority of what my constituents are thinking,” Kitchen stated.  

One thing he is planning on doing once his time as an MP is over is spending more time with his family.  

“Repaying my family; That’s been one of the huge impacts that has happened... I haven’t been around,” Kitchen said about what he is planning on doing when his time as MP is over. “My five-year-old granddaughter says to me, when are you coming home grandad, or grandad is in Ottawa. Just little things like that, I need to pay back.” 

The nomination process for choosing the Conservative candidate in the next federal election is already underway. Saskatchewan Party MLA for the constituency of Moosomin, Steven Bonk, has already announced his intention to seek the nomination.