Looking to switch things up this Easter? Why not hop on over to Houligan Acres for an Easter Egg Hunt?! 

Kids from 2 to 102 are going to love this event, all participants will enjoy an interactive, hands-on experience enjoying a wide variety of animals. 

“Farm animals bring me joy, and so I have a little collection of all the peculiar animals. Our biggest herd is our fainting goats. And we have all sorts of critters, but right now is the baby season, so we've got the baby goats and the baby rabbits and the baby chicks,” said Amanda Krisa-Houle, Co-owner, Houligan Acres. “We open up our farm for the community to come and enjoy them as we do, and we have the Easter Bunny too.” 

Besides hunting for Easter Eggs, kids will also be able to enjoy unlimited pony rides and interact with horses, a donkey, a llama, some sheep, turkeys, peacocks, pheasants guinea fowl, and even a Kunekune piglet. 

Amanda also shared how she is a lover of puns and she names her fur babies accordingly.  Her fainting goats have names such as Flippy, Floppy, Timber, Goattrude, and Captain Hoof.  The new babies coming this year will also need names and she invites attendees to share their name ideas, puns are her welcomed favourite. 

Dates for the event are March 31, April 1, 2, 7, and 8. All entries are $20 and require pre-booking, to get entered you can go to the Houligan Acres Facebook page here