The Rallying for Abby fundraising group is delaying their silent auction until early March.

This due to the Fillmore family being back in the hospital after a complication with Abby's health.

In the Facebook group, Abby's mom Andrea Sigda reported, "Chemotherapy was moved from the 15th to today, the 13th. But due to Abby being back admitted to the hospital for fluid in her chest again, the 13th was even TBA. They’ve just accounced in the past hour that they are going ahead with beginning her first chemo treatment today at 2 p.m., and they’ll then put her port in this Friday the 16th."

"We haven’t had a moment to breathe after Abby was rushed back up to the hospital for abnormal heart rate when they ran a bunch more tests and gave her meds to slow down her heart a bit to let the chemo tackle the lumps and give her lymphatic system time to refilter."

She said they'll keep collecting silent auction items at Cowtown until February 29th with the auction going live on March 2nd.

"It’ll give Abby time to heal and process, as well as allow all of us to run around and gather all of the incredible donations," she explained, thanking everyone for their support. 

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