With the holiday season right around the corner, we conducted a poll to find out when the people of Weyburn and the area prefer to transform their homes into winter wonderlands. The responses are in, and the diversity in decorating habits is as delightful as the twinkling lights themselves. 

Here are the results: 

Right After Remembrance Day (41.9%) 
The majority, embracing the festive fervour early, kicks off the decoration extravaganza immediately after Remembrance Day. A keen desire to usher in the holiday spirit and extend the joyful season. 

First Week of December (27.9%) 
For nearly a third of respondents, the magic begins in the first week of December. Balancing the eagerness for festivity with the practicality of timing, these decorators find the sweet spot. 

Last Weekend of November (14%) 
A notable portion opts for a pre-December setup, dedicating the last weekend of November to illuminate their homes and kickstart the yuletide celebrations. 

Two Weeks Before Christmas (7%) 
A patient approach is embraced by a group waiting until two weeks before Christmas to adorn their homes, creating a festive ambiance just in time for the holiday buzz. 

Christmas Eve (4.7%) 
A small but daring faction opts for a last-minute transformation, with decorations going up on Christmas Eve. A mad dash to infuse the surroundings with holiday magic. 

Didn't Take Down Decorations (2.3%) 
Another 2.3% confess to the charming habit of leaving decorations up from the previous year, creating a year-round festive retreat. 

Before Halloween (2.3%) 
In a surprising twist, a daring 2.3% welcomes the holiday season even before the ghosts and goblins of Halloween have had their time, proving there's no such thing as too early for some. 

The results paint a vivid picture of the varied ways people usher in the holiday season. Whether it's an early embrace of festive cheer, a carefully timed decoration strategy, or a last-minute flurry of tinsel and lights, each approach adds a unique sparkle to the most wonderful time of the year. As the poll suggests, the debate over when to deck the halls remains as diverse as the decorations themselves.

As well, congratulations to Darren Paul. He was the winner of the pair of tickets to Agribition. 

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