Rules as Follows:
Spot the Differences between these two pictures
and have the chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate from Sparkle Car Wash.

How it Works:

  • Spot the 5 or more differences between the following two pictures
  • Tune in weekdays during the Morning Show with Michelle Erickson on 103.5FM
  • You will be asked to call in one of the differences in order to win (848-1035)
  • Have a valid answer and you will entered to win the Weekly Prize ($100 Value)
  • Weekly Prizes will be drawn every Friday. Winners will be announced on air, posted on and contacted by Golden West staff.
  • Don't call in the same answer twice!

There will be a new picture and a new Weekly Prize Sponsor each week.
Check out the sponsors ads on this page for exciting new Items or Deals at their businesses.

Week 1 Winner: Mary-Anne Schaefer won a $100.00 Gift Certificate from Prairie Tire
Week 2 Winner: Conni Fowler from Sparkle Car Wash
Week 3 Winner: Cindy Fitchel from Evelyn Lane
Weed 4 Winner: Janice Wagner won $100 Gift Certificate from York Jewellers

This Week's Photo: