The end of the 2023 harvest is on the horizon.  

The most recent crop report from the provincial Ministry of Agriculture, released Thursday morning, showed that 79 percent of the harvest has wrapped up in southeast Saskatchewan. This is above the five-year average of 74 percent and is just behind the rest of the province, which is 82 percent complete.  

Dry conditions over the past week helped the producers in the field, working to get things wrapped up as the nights get cooler and the days get shorter. The minimal rain in the past week, though, has meant topsoil moisture is getting limited. The report shows that 30 percent of cropland is rated as having adequate topsoil moisture, with 43 percent rated short and 27 percent very short. There is 29 percent of hay and pasture land rated adequate, with 43 percent short and 28 percent very short.  

Pastures aren’t faring well overall, with just nine percent reported as being in good condition, and 29 percent rated fair. Another 40 percent are rated as poor, and 22 percent very poor.  

As the producers enter the home stretch, those who aren’t quite finished are out combining, with others applying post-harvest herbicides. Other producers are moving bales, feed and water for animals.