The Weyburn Police Service received 75 calls for service during the week of November 20th through November 26th, resulting in a total of 21 charges. Of the 21 charges, 8 were laid under the Criminal Code of Canada, 7 under the Traffic Safety Act (TSA), 3 under the City of Weyburn Bylaws, and 3 under other Acts or Regulations. Three of the 8 criminal charges were in relation to individuals who either failed to comply with a condition of their release or failed to attend court when required to do so.

Late in the afternoon of Tuesday, November 21st, the Weyburn Police Service received a tip from a concerned motorist through the Report Impaired Drivers hotline (RID), noting that a vehicle was swerving on the road and driving erratically. The responding officer was able to locate the suspect vehicle, and upon further investigation determined the driver to be impaired. Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype shared more.

"The investigation involved a drug test," he explained. "That's with a drug testing implement called SoToxa. So that was utilized during this incident."

Deputy Chief VanDeSype commended the concerned motorist for reporting the possibility of an impaired driver, and for their assistance in keeping Weyburn's roads safe.

"Thanks to an alert resident who immediately called and reported the erratic driver, another impaired driver was removed from our roads."

If you observe a driver exhibiting possible signs of impairment, the Weyburn Police Service urges you to file a report via the RID Hotline by dialing 911. 

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