One of the items on the agenda for Weyburn City Council Monday night was a resolution concerning the provincial government’s Municipal Revenue Sharing program. The program provides a portion of the provincial sales tax revenues collected by the province to the urban and rural municipalities throughout Saskatchewan. There are a few things, however, that each municipality must do.  

During the meeting on Monday, the resolution passed by the council confirmed their eligibility for the program. In order to be eligible, a municipality must submit an audited annual financial statement as well as public reporting on municipal waterworks, if it is applicable. The municipalities must also have a council procedures bylaw and an employee code of conduct.  

The municipality’s education property taxes must be in good standing, with respect to reporting and remittance, and public disclosure statements from all members of the council must be filed and updated annually.  

The resolution passed by Weyburn City Council confirmed the city’s compliance with those requirements.  

The program itself is funded through the provincial sales tax. The program takes three-quarters of a percent of the provincial sales tax revenue collected two years earlier and distributes it to the municipalities. 

Weyburn received $2,264,175 through the municipal revenue-sharing program in 2023. This was based on a few factors, including the per capita rate as well as the population of Weyburn. The per capita payment for cities, according to the provincial government’s formula, was $205.48. 

The amount received by Weyburn has increased substantially in the past 15 years, with the amount paid out in the 2008-09 budget just $828,689, and even in 2022-23, being slightly less than $2 million. The amount Weyburn will receive for next year will be determined in the next provincial budget, which is set to be tabled in March.  

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