Local artist, Tana Cugnet, is spreading her creative wings with her art exhibit which kicks off Monday, November 28 at the Cumberland Art Gallery in Regina at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. 

What began just a short six years ago as a private journey for the love of painting, quickly evolved into Tana commissioning her art, and while her fans are not surprised her career is expanding it has certainly surprised Tana. 

“I honestly didn’t know I was a painter, it’s something I enjoyed and came back to later in life, I think it started out by being drawn in by the scenes around me, everyday scenes that I see which tend to be rural landscapes. I enjoy painting things that connect with people whether it’s a landmark in our city or it’s a scene on the farm,” said Tana. 

One of the comments about Tana’s work is that her paintings often look like actual photographs. 

Photo courtesy of Tana Cugnet Art website, Kenosee Gardens"Kenosee Gardens",Photo courtesy of Tana Cugnet Art website 

“Realism tends to be what I do, I work by taking photos of different scenes or something that catches my eye, I take it home and put it on my iPad and use that to paint,” explained Tana. “It’s what I enjoy, I have a lot of patience when it comes to painting, my happy place is painting every little spec of dirt I can.” 

One of Tana’s clients suggested that she should contact the Cumberland Art Gallery to prepare for an art exhibit in the next couple of years. However, upon chatting with the Building Manager Steve Bata, he booked Tana immediately, recognizing her artistic vision would pair extremely well with Agribition.  

While the sudden booking was extremely exciting, the challenge Tana had was gathering enough pieces for the show. Since she has spent the past couple of years commissioning, she did not have enough private pieces on hand, so she reached out to her clients to explain the opportunity. 

“I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from all of my clients, some were very excited to hear it would be there, I am really blessed and grateful for the response that I got, that I am able to put the show on with the pieces that I have in my own private collection as well as the commissions I’ve done over the years,” shared Tana. “I would also like to thank the Arts Board here in Weyburn because I was given opportunities previously to show my art at the Weyburn Credit Union, it’s been great to be supported within our own community, in particular, Regan Lanning has been helpful.” 

photo courtesy of Tana Cugnet

Tana invites everyone to join her at her Artist’s Reception held at the Cumberland Art Gallery, located just inside the doors at the Regina Legislative Building from 4 pm to 6 pm Monday, November 28. 

Tana has relocated her home studio to 33 5th Street in Weyburn. While her hours of operation vary, you will know she is in studio by the sandwich board she displays on the sidewalk.  

Tana Cugnet Art Studio located at 33 5th Street, Weyburn, SKTana Cugnet Art Studio located at 33 5th Street, Weyburn, SK

“Please come in, stop in to see what I’m working on and say hello, just browse, I have prints up in my studio, art note cards, blank note cards, but really it’s just an opportunity to come in and meet me and to see what I’m working on,” said Tana. 

You can follow Tana Cugnet on her artist Facebook page HERE or on her website HERE