Another lunchtime delivery marks the next installment of Grain Rush, powered by Great Plains Ford.

Today's winner was Sarah Leguee. She invited the Discover Weyburn crew to meet in their field just Northeast of McTaggart for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of harvest. With a picture-perfect line of combines marking the spot, the entire workforce behind the Lequee Farms harvest was found ready and eager to enjoy some fresh, crispy KFC chicken courtesy of Quantum Agrology Services. 

After a satisfying meal, Erik Nikolejsin was able to share how the operation was fairing this season.

"We've been pretty shocked, honestly. Our yield targets were set pretty low coming into harvest and we've exceeded most of them. Overall, we're very happy."

Grain Rush

Despite the unexpected results, Erik maintained that the output of each field varied greatly depending on where and when the rain fell. He added that one crop in particular performed better than the rest in these drier conditions.

"Large Green Lentils were a shock for me, they've been giving the best output out of our crops this year. But they do better in the less rainy conditions we saw in the growing season, so they prospered the best from that."

Now with only 4,200 acres out of 15,000 left to harvest, Erik said that the finish line is in sight. However, even with the completion of harvest, the work is far from over. With a hearty chuckle, he explained that it never really ends.

"I might joke around because sometimes that's the perception; That once harvest is over we get to go on this big vacation. But really, we end up pushing just as hard because we never really know when that first snow is going to come and ruin any Fall work that we had planned. So we try to work hard up to that first snowfall, then maybe try and relax for a day or two!"

Grain Rush

Working in Agriculture takes tireless determination and a hardened heart to that which you cannot control. Although Erik said that this harvest may have been one of the easiest to get through thanks to the lack of moisture, they did experience one unexpected setback which he greatly credited his crew for handling swiftly and effectively.

"On Monday, actually, one of our combines caught fire and dropped some flames in the field. We only lost maybe 15 acres of wheat, but big thanks to our neighbors for coming with water trucks and helping with tillage. In this case, a bearing failed in the combine, and there were no signs that it happened. It could have happened to even the most experienced operator, just one of those things where everybody did exactly what they're supposed to and got the fire out. Then we went back to combining for the rest of the day!"

Grain Rush

A special thank you goes to today's Grain Rush sponsor, Quantum Agrology Services, as well as to Great Plains Ford for powering the daily deliveries and KFC for every delicious meal provided so far. 

There’s still time to deliver more KFC to the fields in this year's Grain Rush, and you could be next! You can enter online today for a chance to be our next winner!

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