The Weyburn Artistic Swimming Club will bring back the Cinema Under the Stars this Saturday night to the Weyburn Fair Grounds, featuring two movies, 'Minions: The Rise Of Gru', and 'Unchartered'.

Not only is it the biggest fundraiser of the year for the WAS Club, it has also been a real hit for Weyburn, with 100 to 140 cars coming through the gates in previous years.

Fundraising Coordinator Abby Kradovill said they have audiences of all ages.

"We have everyone, from little kids and families to couples, and then we get cars of teenagers, and then we have your older crowd, pretty much this is an event that kind of caters to every age group and every kind of walk of life," she shared. "I think everyone loves movies and being able to watch a movie outdoors, under the skies, there's a magical feeling. That sounds kind of cheesy, but that is how it feels when you see 100 cars there parked, and kids with glow sticks, and it's pretty incredible." 

While tickets can be purchased at the gate, an incentive for presale tickets is that buying them in advance gets you a popcorn package. Either way, you pay $40 for a carload of people, not per person. Tickets can be purchased through a WAS Club member, via text at 306-891-9582, or via the club's Facebook page HERE. Cash, credit card, and debit will be accepted at the event.

"We actually have an area, too, if you want to walk in, you can pay $10 and you can walk in, and park your lawn chair in front of the screen."

"So depending on weather, like sometimes we have people that will park their car but then they still actually go sit out in front with blankets and their lawn chairs," Kradovill shared. "So there are lots of options." 

Since the audio for the movies will be via car radio, Top Notch Towing will be there to help people boost their batteries if needed.

"I have needed the boosting myself some years, so they will be on-site if anyone needs a hand boosting vehicles afterward, if by chance that happens."

Snacks will be available all night at the canteen.

"If people want to come after and only come for the second movie, that's always an option," she clarified. "The first one will be done around 9:00. They'll exit, and then if people want to come around 9:00 o'clock for just the second movie, we can do that too. They don't have to come for both."

She said Prairie Sky Co-op will be there running a games table before the movie begins. "So you can win some prizes with them, so that's a fun thing, and there's going to be things for everyone."

"We've had such strong community sponsorships, that allows us to bring this event to Weyburn, and allows us to also fundraise and make money as an organization," Kradovill explained. "So it's kind of a win-win for sponsors, the community, as well as our club."

This year, because the Saskatchewan Winter Games were canceled last year, their club will be training for that once again.

"We have a game here again this year, in February, so we have a combined team with Estevan and Weyburn and the proceeds will be shared between the Weyburn Artistic Swimming Club, and then the athletes going to games, just to cover some of those extra expenses that come with training and costs." 

"We have really missed having a movie theatre in town, and I'm excited that we're going to have one soon, but still, the drive-in has that nostalgic feel, and for people that never got to experience and don't even know what it's like, I think it's amazing to kind of keep that tradition alive. 

Kradovill reminds those going, to bring blankets because you never know what the weather is going to be like. 

Minions: The Rise Of Gru is rated for General audience, and Unchartered is rated PG-13 for action/violence.