The Weyburn Humane Society has been experiencing a decline in dog food donations.

Shelter Manager Colleen Morrice said they rely heavily on donations from the public to help feed their dogs. 

"Currently, we're very short on the dry kibble of dog food. We mostly feed dry. The canned food is usually held for a special treat or something like that."

With 20 dogs including six puppies at the shelter, Morrice said that the 12 bags of dry kibble on hand today will only last until Monday.

"I'm hoping that people either order on website or our Amazon website and get us some food here," she invited. "They can also buy directly at Pet Valu and they have bin there that I can go every day and pick up the food that is donated."

She said they will take any kind of food.

"Even if the bag is open, we still welcome it. If your dog absolutely didn't like it, we still will take that donation." 

Morrice noted that they do have a little bit of money in their budget from which they could draw to purchase food, however, whenever possible, she tries to keep that for spay and neuters.

"We do not let any of our animals out without being spayed or neutered if they're over six months of age," she explained. "Plus they get the NexGard combo, which is an expense, but it does ear mites and worms and, of course, I can't have anything in here like ear mites if it's going to spread. So any animal that comes in gets dewormed and ear mite treatment." 

The WHS animal shelter also currently has 37 cats, having adopted out 40 cats over the last four months.

"I still am on an intake freeze because I'm only allowed 10 dogs and 24 cats for this space," she shared. "Thankfully, with all the volunteers fostering, we're able to take a little more, but I have stopped that too, because of course there's an expense with the fosters as we supply the food and the veto and everything for them as well."

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