Anyone who attended the James Weir People's Choice receptions for decades would have been greeted near the guest book by Carol Reeve, a longstanding member of Weyburn Arts Council.

Reeve was honoured during last night's James Weir Peoples Choice gala reception event held at the Weyburn Gallery. Read more HERE.

Always involved with the local arts events as an arts council member, Carol also entered the show every year as an artist.

"Carol entered the James Weir People's Choice every single year, and delighted in creating something completely new and unrecognizable as her work," said City Curator Regan Lanning at the event. "She loved 'stumping' regular voters."

"Carol passed away on April 7th of last year after a long fight with cancer, and we thought that he would honor her tonight, and give her one last night at her guest book table."

Not only was a photo of Carol was set up at the guest book table, the Weyburn Arts Council members last night donned fancy hats and fascinators in honour of Carol.

"Carol was known for her love of fascinators and fancy hats and wonky purses, so we chose to wear some hats for her as well."

Click the link below for more photos taken during last night's event.