The municipal by-election in Weyburn this week had four candidates, and while only one, Larry Heggs, could be declared the winner, the others have been very gracious in the election, noting the strong field of candidates, and echoing sentiments that any one of the four could have been a good representative for the people of Weyburn.  

Trevor Tessier was making his first attempt for office in Weyburn. He would finish the election with 325 votes. 

“First thing I wanted to say is to congratulate Larry Heggs for winning,” Tessier told Discover Weyburn. “He had long-term community support and I truly think what he’s done for Weyburn and his community organizations and currently is admirable and he deserves that spot. I’m really thankful that we had good candidates running such as Brandon and Dana.” 

Brandon Tichkowsky also congratulated Heggs. 

“I want to say congratulations to Larry on his win,” Tichkowsky stated. “I’m sure he will represent our community well. He’s a household name, he’s had a lot of experience and will do well. I thank everybody else for running and the hard work they put into it, and maybe we’ll see you next time.” 

Heggs himself was thankful for the entire process.  

“Anybody who knows me knows I love the process,” Heggs said of the election. “I love the ability to have the elections and to have the voting, and the whole thing works very well and I’m glad we’ve done that process, and it’s fantastic.” 

For Tessier, he found much of the work itself to be rewarding. 

“I was very fortunate to have spoken to, just during the election and campaign time, 351 people, door knocked on 468 houses, went to 120 businesses and presented to nine community organizations,” he noted about his campaign itself. “One of the things that I found when I was going out and about was just how impressed with how kind and welcoming everyone was during the campaign time, and to take time to hear me out and share their concerns.” 

With the general election for Weyburn City Council scheduled for the fall of 2024, there is no confirmed word at this time if all four of the candidates for the by-election will be running again. The well-wishes from each other, however, make it clear that they all feel each candidate would be a valuable asset on Weyburn City Council in the years to come.