With recent incidents of pets being abandoned, or dropped off at the Weyburn Humane Society, the Weyburn Police Service is reminding residents about the Dog and Cat Bylaw. 

“The City of Weyburn does have a Dog and Cat Bylaw, and within that bylaw, there is a section with regards to animal abandonment,” Constable Kalin Wiebe said. “There are three sections there, and in that, it speaks to the fact that every person that owns an animal cannot abandon such animal, and needs to provide care.”   

Wiebe added that abandoning an animal at the Humane Society is against the bylaw.  

“That animal has to be surrendered officially, and all fees have to be paid as required by the Weyburn Humane Society.” 

He said if anyone abandons an animal at the Humane Society, or anywhere in the city they can be charged under the Dog and Cat Bylaw. 

“They can be charged a fine, anything ranging from $40 to up to $500, and there's also the possibility, if they default on their fines, that they could also face the maximum of 30 days in custody.”   

Wiebe said any evidence that is brought forward to police is taken in and used for the investigation.  

“We as police then determine if charges can be laid and if they are appropriate in that circumstance. With that being said, we take many things into account, be it video via statements, witness statements, etcetera.” 

The City of Weyburn's Dog and Cat Bylaw can be found HERE.  

The Animal Protection Act, 2018 says no person shall cause an animal to be in distress, and that an animal is in distress if it is abandoned by its owner.

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