It is an organization that has had a long, rich history in Weyburn. However, they haven’t had a presence in recent years due to a waning interest.  

The 2302 RCACC Weyburn Legion Cadet Corps was founded in 1947 and met every week at the Weyburn Legion for parade, drill, and to organize a number of activities. However, in 2021, the training was suspended due to a lack of local adult officers, and a low number of cadets who were participating in the program.  

While the corps is on suspension, it isn’t disbanded, and there is work happening to try to bring back the storied unit.  

“In order to bring cadets back into Weyburn, we need local adult staff to enroll in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves as officers to lead the training program in Weyburn,” explained Tina Bird. She is the president of the Saskatchewan Branch of the Army Cadets League of Canada. “We need youth expressing interest in joining the program, and community support, which we already have from the Weyburn Legion that’s been strong throughout the years and as well, during the expression, we’ve kept the conversation going.” 

Aside from the parade and drill, army cadets participate in a number of activities, many of which are outdoors. This includes hiking, backpacking, orienteering, survival activities, leadership training, marksmanship, summer camps as well as the possibility of national and international travel. 

“The program provides the cadets with tools and training to help them learn self-reliance, self-discipline, confidence, organizational skills, public speaking, teamwork, proactive citizenship, community involvement, and leadership skills which they can learn to use for later on in life,” said Bird of some of the benefits for youth who take part in the cadet program.  

For adults who are interested in joining the Cadets as an officer, instructor or cadet, they can go to the official Cadets website for information on how to sign up. Those with questions can also contact Captain Kathryn Wortel via email for more information.  

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