The opening weekend of races at the Estevan Motor Speedway was this past weekend, and several Weyburn drivers were down in the Energy City at the track.  

After the opening day, in the Slingshot Series, Brogan Wagner is sitting in third place in the points, with Jase Skjerdal in 7th, and Dane Skjerdal in 10th. In 14th place is Sophic Skjerdal, and Jake Skjerdal is 15th.  

In the IMCA Northern Sportmod series, Weyburn’s Mike Hudson, in the Country 106.7 car, is sitting in 11th in the points, with Brent Skjerdal in 12th. Stu Bauman is in 15th place in the standings, and Quentin Skjerdal is in 19th. 

The top driver from Weyburn in the IMCA Hobby Stock is Dustin Skjerdal in 13th place, with Jagger Ashworth in 16th. For the IMCA Stock Car series, Kelly Bauman is the top Weyburn driver, sitting in 10th place.  

The next races at the Estevan Motor Speedway are scheduled for June 7th.