Weyburn City Council will hold their second meeting of the month on Monday evening, and it will be a packed agenda. In addition to a key bylaw being introduced, the councillors will also be discussing seven requests for proposal and tenders, as well as a home-based business application and a special occasion permit.  

All of the RFPs and tenders that are being put forward for the councillors to vote on involve infrastructure. They include tenders for replacing the air conditioning system at the Weyburn Police Service headquarters and for a new tandem axel truck.  

The RFPs include an assessment of the condition of Crescent Point Place, the Weyburn Leisure Centre and Tom Zandee Sports Arena, as well as the park concept plan for the former Haig School site. The councillors will also discuss the RFP for boulevard tree pruning, water main replacement projects and concrete replacement.  

The Official Community Plan bylaw will be introduced and is based on recommendations from Crosby Hanna and Associates. They were contracted to review the original bylaw, passed in 2014 after the Weyburn District Planning Commission received funding from the Provincial Targeting Sector Support fund.  

The Weyburn District Planning Commission is a joint commission established by the City of Weyburn and the Rural Municipality of Weyburn. The commission was first established in 2010, and the bylaw itself was passed in 2014.  

A lane closure request will be before the council as well. The closure of the lane, which is located off Regina Avenue and Hunt Street, is being requested to eliminate the opportunity for vehicles to short-cut across adjacent lots and give the adjacent property owner the ability to use the lane.  

The Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show is requesting the special occasion permit. The permit is required by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority to allow the selling and serving of alcohol that is not being held in a commercially permitted establishment.  

Starting Tuesday morning, we will have full coverage of the meeting, on-air and online.