A local coach received Provincial honours this past weekend. 

Tyrel Hansen was awarded the Baseball Saskatchewan Grassroots Coach of the Year Award.

Hansen has been involved with Weyburn Minor Baseball for a number of years and most recently coached the U15 AA Weyburn Beavers to their second consecutive provincial title. 

According to Hansen's nomination form, Hansen guided the team to 18 wins, 1 loss, and a tie and the team earned a silver medal in league playoffs and then went on to win the Tier 1 AA Provincial Championship. 

Hansen also "ensured these young men were also good community activists this season. He set up an opportunity for the boys to run practice for the U11 AAA team, and encouraged his players to volunteer; be it the clean up after a major community concert, a work bee at a local business, or assisting the Weyburn Ag Society with the fair setup. You could usually find Coach Tyrel alongside his players at these events modeling the example."

Many of the players added their thoughts as well. 

"You are a coach that takes the time to help me learn from my mistakes, to grow at the plate, on the field, and mainly grow as a person. You have never given up on me and you have always been there encouraging me to get to the next level."

"You have helped us all grow and become better people and baseball players. You have made me love baseball."

"You make us strive for the best of our abilities. You treat us like men and hold us accountable. I don't think I would love baseball as much as I do if you weren't my coach. You are a role model and I look up to you."

Hansen received his award at a ceremony this weekend. While there, his team also received their provincial banner. 

Provincial Banner