The agenda will be a busy one tonight when Weyburn City Council meets for the final time this month. The upcoming municipal budget will be a key point of discussion, but there will also be a few other key items before the council. 

The meeting will be highlighted by the opportunity for delegations to be made to the council about the budget. This follows an open house about the budget held earlier this month, as well as the presentation of the preliminary budget in October. The preliminary budget included a 6.47 percent tax increase, along with a substantial capital budget that contained a number of key projects. 

The refuse bylaw, which had its initial reading at the last meeting, will be back before the council for its second and third readings. The bylaw will have some clarifications about additional refuse and recycling bins included in the second and third readings if the recommendations are approved. 

A resolution necessary for the City of Weyburn to take part in the provincial municipal revenue-sharing program will also be discussed. The provincial government provides an amount to municipalities based on three-quarters of one percent of the provincial sales tax revenue collected two years earlier through the program. The resolution committing to the eligibility requirements must be passed before Weyburn can receive any of the money. 

Another key part of the meeting will be the appointment of the Youth Council for the remainder of the school year. The youth council is comprised of students from Weyburn Comprehensive, and while they don't have a vote on council motions, they have provided some ideas for motions that have gone on to be passed, and they have also provided feedback on a number of issues in recent years. 

We will have full coverage of the meeting, on-air and online, starting tomorrow morning.