A plan to guide the City of Weyburn from now until 2027. 

Weyburn City Council passed the strategic plan, which outlines key priorities for the city, during their meeting Monday night. The plan is intended to guide the actions and directions over the course of the next four years, with four areas of focus to outline the foundation of the plan. 

"It keeps direction for the new council coming in," explained Mayor Marcel Roy. "This is the last year of this council, and now, we want to make sure that our next council, whoever that makeup is, is not going to flounder with no direction as to which direction we should be moving forward in."

The strategic plan is made up of four priorities: economy, growth, community, and governance. These priorities were identified through consultation with various stakeholders, the council, city administration, and the residents of Weyburn themselves through the citizen's survey held earlier this year. 

"That just shows how our community is built, that we're working all together to push in one direction," added Roy after the meeting. 

In the literature made available during the meeting, the goals of each of the priorities were outlined. For the economy, it is growing the economy with stable and diversified growth, with business attraction and support. For growth, the goals are infrastructure and planning - something highlighted through the citizen's survey, fiscal responsibility, and stability, as well as staying informed and being innovative at the municipal level. The community goals are to provide quality programs and services in a diverse, inclusive, and caring community while making sure Weyburn is a safe and livable community. The governance goals are to maintain a culture of municipal excellence, have organizational health, and develop and maintain engaging and collaborative relationships. 

Growth was a key thing honed in on by the councilors. Roy himself noted Statistics Canada is projecting Weyburn to grow by roughly 2100 people over the course of the next 10-15 years. 

"What we do goes through the lens of this strategic plan, so we want to make sure that we're making the right decisions, moving forward in the right direction," Roy said. 

It was stated there will be key actions developed yearly by the city's administration, in conjunction with the council, that ensure the decisions made meet the goals in each of the priorities. There will also be quarterly reports to measure the progress towards the goals, with metrics being reported to the council. 

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