Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon have toured all over the planet together with their John Denver tribute show. (Video below)

Most of the group met in Aspen, Colorado at the world's largest annual celebration of John Denver’s life and music.

Their shows always bring a unique blend of wholesome entertainment and comedy.

Chris Collins and all of the members of Boulder Canyon have won numerous awards over the years and have been performing professionally for many years together.

Aside from Chris Collins, the band consists of Kevin Delmolino on bass, Paul Swanton on lead guitar, Alexander Mitchell on mandolin/fiddle, Bill Powell on keyboards, and guest band members Mark Nelson on percussion, Joel Tolley on bass and Nigel Newton on keyboards.

From sold-out shows to breaking a theater record for the largest audience ever to attend an event, Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon have emerged as top performers of John Denver's music.

Check out their offical website for more details, photos & to hear some of their music. And check out our exclusive video interview with the band below.