This year’s SARM Convention and Tradeshow has wrapped up, with SARM President Ray Orb calling it a great success.  

This was the first time in two years that the event, which took place at the Queensbury Convention Centre in Regina, was in-person. 

“People were really glad that they could get back to face to face meetings,” Orb said. “You know, we had great interaction between our members and our presenters. Actually, the premier I think he kind of set the tone at our Convention this year, he had some had some great things to say.” 

Premier Scott Moe made a few important announcements at the convention, such as the province imposing a moratorium on any new wild boar farms, and calling on the federal government to designate rail service as an essential service. 

“The premier called me early Tuesday morning and I'd mentioned to our delegates that doesn't happen very often,” Said Orb. “He wanted to talk about this CP rail strike and that's been on our members minds for a couple of weeks now because it's really important.” 

He added that we need rail services to be essential, because we can’t have major rail carriers going on strike and disrupting the economy of the entire country. 

“Millions of farmers and ranchers in Saskatchewan are depending on the rail to even deliver grain to their communities, to be able to feed their cattle,” He said. “This is not a good time to go on strike, and I'm glad the premier took the initiative.” 

Scott Moe also announced that the province is imposing a moratorium on any new wild boar farms, meaning wild boars will be regulated as a pest, and poison can be used to control them. This is something that SARM has been talking about for a while, and especially in recent weeks.  

“The premier and his cabinet certainly have been listening to that, and we're glad about that. We're glad that the premier announced the extra crop insurance to be able to mitigate some of the damage as well.” 

Ray Orb added that while the convention just ended, they are already planning for next year.