The Radville Laurier Volunteer Fire Department received a donation of a fire truck on March 10th, thanks to K+S Potash Canada GP out of Bethune, Saskatchewan.

This came after learning of the devastating fire that destroyed the Radville Laurier Volunteer Fire Department's machinery and equipment last fall, including two fire trucks. 

Rene Bourassa, Mayor of the Town of Radville, explained that it's a 1996 fire truck in excellent condition, and they are very excited about the donation. 

"K+S Potash delivered the truck last week. Dan Edmonds was the representative from K+S and he showed Fire Chief Byron Labbie, Deputy Fire Chief Darryl Ferguson, and a few members of the Radville Laurier Volunteer Fire Department how to operate it, which was very good. K+S Potash was very, very helpful."

Dan Edmonds, Emergency Response and Security Coordinator, spent two and a half to three hours showing them how to run the fire truck, Mayor Bourassa said. "Everything's in workable condition and it's just great. It helps us fill a spot on our fire equipment."

Mayor Bourassa said he can't reiterate enough how grateful they are for people coming to the plate, and calling them to see what they need. "We had turnout gear donated to the fire department. It's not new but very usable."

"That's what's so good about small communities, they come right to the plate and help how they can, it's just great."

The town of Radville operates a volunteer fire department, funded by the Town of Radville and the R.M. of Laurier #38.

Mayor Bourassa added, "On behalf of the Radville Laurier Volunteer Fire Department and the Town of Radville, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation and we are overwhelmed by the generosity of K+S Potash Canada GP, and people all around our area and the province that have been donating. It's just great, it's overwhelming."