How does the Classified section work?
Classified Ads are a FREE service for non-commercial and personal items. If you are a business, please contact our sales department for Classified ad rates.

I tried to post a Classified ad, but it doesn't seem to show up. What could I be doing wrong?
If you are experiencing problems, please ensure that you do not have a "Pop-up blocker" program enabled in your browser. You must also not be blocking "Cookies", or have Javascript disabled. If you have a Pop-Up blocker, or firewall on your computer, you may want to consider disabling it while using our website. You may want to change your computer settings to allow our pages to appear successfully.

I placed a classified ad, but my items listed in my ad have sold. How do I remove the ad?
You can login to your Classifieds account to manage (edit/delete) your ads. Go to the Classifieds page, and click the "Sign In" link on the right-hand side of the page. Once you are signed-in, click the "My Ads" link just under the main "Ads" header, or click the "My Insider Account" link at the very top of any page.

I am a business, and I would like to list commercial products on this website. How do I do this?
Please contact our sales department for further information on advertising opportunities on our website.

I've noticed some Classified Ads have a photo along with the description of their item. How do I do this?
Photos can be added to any classified ad. Please use the appropriate field when creating or editing your ad.

My classified ad was changed and reworded. Why?
Please note: we retain the right to edit or deny classified listings based on content, or for other reasons, which we need not disclose. However, in practice, this is very seldom done.

Exercise Caution!
We also do not assume responsibility for the products or services sold or offered. Please exercise caution when dealing with buyers or sellers from overseas. Please read our Internet Scam information.

I received an email from a guy overseas requesting to purchase my classified item. Is this for real?
Please note, there is a great deal of email scams on the internet. We are not responsible if you choose to contact these types of buyers or sellers. If it seems too good to be for real, chances are it is. If you're worried about dealing with a buyer or seller overseas or in another country, you may wish to choose to deal with someone local.

The RCMP advises that the best way to report a scam to them directly is to use the Canadian Anti-Fraud website.