The Labour Day long weekend is often seen as the unofficial end to the summer. Many head out to the cottage for one last time, and campers take in the outdoors at the various regional and provincial parks. There is always a large contingent heading to Regina for the Labour Day Classic at Mosaic Stadium, and others just stay at home, inviting friends and family over for a get-together.  

With all of these activities in mind, the Weyburn Police Service is reminding everyone to plan ahead and have a safe and sober way home.  

“I think that impairment creeps up on a person quite quickly when alcohol is consumed, without people even realizing that their vision and hearing, mobility and speech are affected,” said Constable Melinda Mintenko. “That’s when, often, the poor decision is made to drive a motor vehicle.” 

Minktenko pointed out officers are trained and have the authority to do various different testing on people to make sure that they are following the rules of the road, and that they are not over legal limits. 

Impairment isn’t limited to just alcohol. Drivers can be charged with impaired driving if they are being impaired by something else as well, such as drugs like cannabis.  

“I hope we can make it through the weekend without any impaired driving-related offences,” Mintenko added.  

For those who are out and about and have concerns about a possibly impaired driver, they are encouraged to pull over and call 911 to report it, through the Report Impaired Drivers program. To do this, motorists are asked to pull over and report the location, the direction the suspect vehicle is travelling, the behaviour of the vehicle, and a description of the vehicle and possibly the driver.  

“I encourage you to have a really good weekend, make responsible decisions and take care out there,” concluded Mintenko.  

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