The Weyburn Police Service received a call last Friday about two men who wanted to turn themselves into the police due to warrants. Where the call came from, however, was a little unusual – the Weyburn RCMP detachment.  

“Officers here at the Weyburn city police received a call from the RCMP saying that they received a call from two individuals, two adult males, that were sitting in a vehicle outside of the detachment here in Weyburn, and they wanted to turn themselves in,” VanDeSype said of the call.  

The two men, apparently, had outstanding warrants and wanted to turn themselves into authorities. The warrants were connected to the theft of a vehicle, which turned out to be the vehicle they were sitting in when they initially called the police.  

As for why the RCMP called the local police service, VanDeSype said this was because the men were surrendering to police within the city limits.  

“I’m thinking they might have regretted their actions, and they likely knew that there were warrants out for their arrest, so rather than being hunted down, they turned themselves in,” VanDeSype speculated as to why the two men made the phone call.  

Both of the men were charged accordingly and were released pending an upcoming court date. The vehicle was also seized.