The Discretionary Use Permit for the Weyburn Humane Society's new shelter required some clarifications during Monday's meeting of Weyburn City Council.

The question had to do with noise mitigation.  

"I think I addressed it pretty well. Everyone seemed happy with my answers and we've clarified stuff with what we were planning on doing throughout the building and we also came up with some other possible ideas we could use to improve the sound barrier to reduce the noise to the area around the building," explained WHS President Randy Bakaluk. "That was the concern, which I totally understood. When you have 10 dogs outside they can they can make a lot of noise."

While there are no residential homes in the area where the new shelter will be located, 1810 East Avenue, there are office buildings.

"They were just they were concerned about noise during the business day and we addressed them," he noted. 

Bakaluk said that on the design they proposed at Monday's meeting, the plan is to have trees and shrubbery around the areas where the outdoor kennels are located.

"We are looking presently at some other possible additional things we could do, but we haven't nailed anything down yet exactly what it will be, as we have to look at the cost and things like that. There's more to it than actually, I thought there was going to be, looking into that stuff. But we are presently looking into it."

He said they never had any noise complaints from the adjacent Fire Hall about excess noise from the dogs, who generally only bark when someone walks by the kennels. However, the dogs are also brought inside the shelter at night.

Bakaluk added the city has been super supportive of the WHS throughout the entire process of working toward building a new shelter.  Read more HERE.

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