When your public library's new Children's Programmer has a background in physical education, you'll see things like volleyball, badminton, and weightlifting on the calendar.

Erin Bell with the Weyburn Public Library, who was trained as a Phys Ed teacher, said she was inspired by the resources available.

"I looked at what was in the storage room and what I could offer for kids to do that was different than arts and crafts," she shared. "So in September we did volleyball and badminton, and then in October, I believe we are doing Ultimate Football and Ultimate Frisbee. Then in November, I'm doing an introduction to weights and yoga. Then December is a surprise, we're going to do some snowshoeing, so I'm really excited about that one."

She said for the court sports in September they had three group sessions, for families, for juniors (ages six to eight), and for tweens (ages nine to 12).

"As we get used to it, we might introduce that to the teenagers and see if we can get some interest in that age level," she noted. 

Bell said the volleyball and badminton supplies came right out of the Maker Space kits in the Southeast Regional Library headquarters. 

"They have a kit that we could borrow, so we used that for three weeks, and then each month I borrow something different."

While the weather wasn't conducive to have the volleyball and badminton outdoors this time around, Bell added she would love to be able to take advantage of nice weather for the October activities so there's more room to move around and throw the ball. 

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