An Alberta clipper is expected to blow through southeast Saskatchewan over the next 24 hours. The system, which is developing in central Alberta, is expected to make its push through the region starting this afternoon, bringing some significant snowfall to some areas, and freezing rain to others.  

Chris Stammers, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, says it will start sometime this afternoon. 

“The heaviest snow will actually fall tonight, and things should taper off pretty quickly Friday morning with just a few lingering flurries,” Stammers pointed out.  

The system has prompted snowfall warnings to be issued for a large portion of the southeast, affecting communities such as Stoughton, Kipling, Carlyle, Wawota, and many communities along the Trans-Canada Highway. Those communities can expect upwards of 15 centimetres of snow by the time the system moves on to the east. 

For areas just to the south of where the clipper is tracking, such as Weyburn, upwards of 10 centimetres is expected, along with the chance of freezing rain.  

With daytime temperatures expected to be around -4° for Weyburn, Stammers pointed out this will have an impact on the type of snow that we will see. 

“You’re usually looking at kind of the wetter snow at those temperatures, so traditionally heavier snow and usually a little bit harder to blow around as well.” the meteorologist stated.  

In their warning that was issued late Wednesday about the system, Environment and Climate Change Canada advised that they are expecting road conditions to deteriorate rapidly once the precipitation starts falling. This includes freezing rain, which can make surfaces icy, and heavy snowfall that can reduce visibility. 

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